enchanting bhutan

To make a study tour in Bhutan, one should have the learning goal, experiential learning outcomes and directed activities so that enables learners to explore new environment, new culture, meet new people with global learning and gain new experience to their life. It should be informal with fun, enjoyment and get connected.
The study can be on Mountains, Flora and Fauna, Medicinal plants, Culture, Religions, Dzongs and Monasteries, People, Food, Art and Architecture, and many more of your interest.
Before the study tour in Bhutan you should corporate with an agent and have a permission from the Government as some of the fields are restricted.


Educational Tour means educational trips where adults, youths, and young children gets opportunity to explore, experience and learn new things. They will be exposed informally with fun, enjoyment and get connected to the new environments, new cultures, meet new people with global learning and gain n


Social workers, students and volunteers, prefer to create awareness to the community on various issues and serve the community with some useful projects which in return will have a various learning opportunities fostering their self confidence, interpersonal skills, explore on the experiences and t


As Bhutan is a mountainous country with less population, it is calm, noiseless and harmonious place to accomplish conference, seminar, training and workshop as it is farther away from home with a different environment, new culture, new language and new people so that can be of better understanding,